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Key publications and documents for WRRA members, cabin owners and permitees

Recreation Residence Self-Inspection Report

For permittees to complete and return to USFS.

Forest Service Recreational Residence Program Special Uses Guidelines

As a permit holder, it is critically important you are aware of and follow the guidelines outlined in this Handbook.  

Establishing a Cabin Trust

The Forest Service would like us to go through them when establishing a cabin trust.  To help you through that process, you should start by reviewing this Power Point, which explains the Forest Service Perspective on Living Trusts.  From there, go to these information pages to learn more, and see a sample Trust form that can be adapted for your use.  If you have questions, contact Brian Lee, South Zone Special Uses Administrator (with the Forest Service), at

Ken Leader Distinguished Service Award

Information and the Nomination form can be found here.  Nominations are due by May 31 of each calendar year..

A Guide to Required and Optional Fees for Forest Service Cabin Owners

This helpful guide gives you more information regarding the fees you must pay and others we encourage you to pay as a Forest Service Cabin Owner.

2022 Fire Protection Contract

Why is the Fire Protection Contract necessary?  Learn why and then complete and return this fire protection contract document along with your fee to help support Pierce County Fire District Efforts on our tract areas.  

WRRA Firewise Preparation and Fire Prevention

Be Firewise!  Read this and be ready.

USFS Request for Project Authorization: Information and Authorization Form (updated 2021)

Are you contemplating a cabin project?  if yes, there's a process and timeline to follow.  Learn more and then complete and submit this authorization form.  Completing projects without following the required steps puts your FS permit at risk.  

Would you like your power line buried?  

With the work being done by PSE, burying the power lines that service Crystal Mountain, some cabin owners have wondered, "how can I do that?"  Here's how.  

WRRA Newsletters

Download previous issues of the WRRA Newsletter, published quarterly. 

Standards of Roof Replacement - Appendix B (Issued June, 2018)

Final guidelines issued in June, 2018.  

WRRA Quick Reference Guide (Updated 2023)

Answers to many questions cabin owners face, prepared in collaboration with the USFS and updated in 2023

WRRA Constitution and Bylaws

WRRA acts as an advisory body to the Forest Service in the administration of all recreational features and is the official representative of the summer home owners. Originally formed at the request of the U.S. Forest Service in 1929, membership today is both encouraged and supported by this interested agency. With approximately 250 members, WRRA is one of the oldest and largest organizations of its kind in America.  The Constitution and Bylaws inform the Structure, Responsibilities and Activities of the WRRA. 

Gassaway Report, USFS 2006

Recreation Residences on the Mount Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest.  An Inventory and Determination of Eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places.  Published in 2006.  

2017 Norse Peak Fire

Details about the wildfire and links to USFS documents regarding the post-fire analysis.  

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