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WRRA Directory

The WRRA directory is published every two years.  

If you wish to place an ad in the directory, please visit this page to submit your information.  We will contact you immediately to coordinate ad copy and payment.

The White River Recreation Association (WRRA) Directory is prepared for printing and distribution in July, during odd numbered years.  WRRA members are active members of the local community and are encouraged to patronize local businesses. In addition to being listed in the WRRA Directory, WRRA Directory advertisers will be listed in the phone directory on the WRRA website.  

A wide distribution and exposure for advertisements is guaranteed.  Over 500 copies will be printed, with our 225 members receiving two copies each, one for their cabin and one for their home.  Other copies will be distributed to our advertisers, Forest Service personnel, law enforcement officers, fire department employees, and utility companies throughout the region.  WRRA limits its advertising to businesses serving our membership, primarily in the Enumclaw, Greenwater and Crystal Mountain areas.

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