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June 30, 2020

Summer 2020 Newsletter

Important Update - The Summer Picnic, Cabin Tour and Highway 410 cleanup are cancelled, learn more here.  Also, the summer fire season is upon us.  Be Firewise and keep your cabin safe.  And learn more about establishing a Cabin Trust.  

January 10, 2020

Membership Renewal

Renew your annual membership for 2020.  Pay membership dues plus optional NFH membership and make a Cabin Defense Fund donation, all with a credit card.

Important update ~ the annual Spring Dinner is cancelled, please see newsletter for more details.

Winter Membership Drive Details, USFS and NFH Updates, WRRA Board Elections, History ...

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News & Updates

March 24, 2022

Summer 2022 Newsletter

The Summer Newsletter is now available!  Read all about the upcoming picnic and cabin tour (on July 30th), how to prepare for fire season (don't delay), Crystal Mountain and Snow Plow updates and more!  

March 23, 2022

Become a Member of WRRA!

Even though the membership drive has ended - you can still renew your membership or join WRRA for the first time!  Pay electronically or with the form at the back of the Winter newsletter.  Don't delay!  

March 25, 2022

Spring 2022 Newsletter

The Spring Newsletter is full of News and updates you'll want to know!  Information about the Spring Dinner, Membership, the NFH conference, the risk of break ins during the upcoming shoulder season, and much more!    

December 30, 2021

The WRRA Board announces the Ken Leader Distinguished Service Award

Following Ken Leader's death in December 2018, the Board decided to honor him in an ongoing way for his contributions to WRRA and the cabin program.  This is a lasting tribute to Ken.

It is an award given by the Board and recognizes members who have demonstrated significant, unusual leadership.  Any WRRA member may nominate another member by completing the Nomination form found here.  Nominations are due by May 31, of any calendar year. Nominations will be reviewed by an ad hoc group of members identified by the Chair of the Recognition Committee and recommendations will be made to the Board.

We have many contributors in our association.  Consider nominating someone for this very special recognition.

June 24, 2022

Membership Meeting Minutes

Fall, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Fall, 2021 Membership Meeting and Election Minutes

Winter, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes 


October 13, 2021

Directory Error Mitigation

As you hopefully read in the newsletter, there was a layout error in the alphabetizing of the cabin owner names in the 2021-2023 Directory. Pages 22/23 were switched with 24/25, so those 4 pages are out of order.  The board considered several ways to mitigate this error, but in the end, we determined that a full reprint, page reprints on sticky back material, or other corrective measures, were cost prohibitive. 
To address the issue we would suggest you do one or more of several things:
- Simply remember those pages are mis-alphabetized when using the Directory.
- To remind you, write on the outside of the directory, "Pages 22/23 and 24/25 are switched."
- Place a small card or sticky note in or on the pages that are out of order, and/or the front of the Directory.
- Print out this Reminder Notice, cut into strips, and add them to the front and insides of the Directory. 
- Open the attached pages 22/23 and 24/25, print them, and glue, tape, or staple them into the Directory in the correct locations.
- For those without a printer, if you would like the secretary to mail you these print outs, please send an email to
Again, we apologize for the layout error; we truly appreciate your understanding and hope these suggestions will be sufficient to mitigate the issue.

The White River Recreation Association (WRRA) is an organization comprised of holders of USDA - Forest Service special use permits, their cabin partners, and their families in the Upper White River Valley of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

John L Scott
Mountain View Properties